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A Marketing Technology Company

Spotler Group comes with over 50 combined years of experience in Marketing technologies which generate the ability for marketers all over Europe to quickly execute campaigns based on valuable insights.

With over 2500 clients in 8 European countries transmitting over 9 billion messages every year, Spotler is a European Marketing Technology power house.

Product Innovations

Each Brand company carries its original technology at its core the value of the group membership comes to play when these core technologies are enhanced with recent group developments integrated to each of these cores to offer huge benefits to all users.

At the heart of everything we do is our core Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence platform. Built in Partnership with Amazon, the Sage Maker platform is our core analytics engine which has been fed the last 4 years anonymised campaign data. With such high volumes of European communications Spotler AI is uniquely positioned to offer marketers and business owners actionable intelligence campaign by campaign, month by month. No matter how small your individual sending patterns is each client can leverage the benefits of membership to this exclusive European marketing collective.

Strategic Relationships

At the heart of all marketing lies data. Spotler Group has long since recognised that the success of all campaigns is built on the breadth and depth of the data that drives them. For this reason we have numerous integration partners around the world that allow all our core platforms to easily send and receive data from other client technologies. Whether the integration is CRM (Salesforce, Netsuite, MS CRM, Infor, Sage) Ecommerce (Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce) or CDP (Squeezely, Shopping Minds, Datatrics) we are committed to the construction and maintenance of these high value relationship sand connections.

Our Partner Network

With each clients own marketing team augmented through the use of specialist agencies its imperative that these agencies are part of our ecosystem so our tools are seamlessly integrated into the campaigns and programmes produced. With marcoms, technology and data partners all throughout Europe the Spotler Group is expanded in its size, reach and expertise through its invaluable partner network.

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