Rotterdam, 2 May 2024—Today, Spotler Group announces the acquisition of Momice, a developer of event registration software. Adding Momice to Spotler Group’s portfolio fits within the Group’s strategy to support customers in deploying and connecting various data-driven marketing platforms to achieve maximum results from their marketing efforts.

Momice: Specialist in Event Registration

Momice, founded in 2012, has since developed into a professional and user-friendly platform with which marketers and event managers have now jointly organised over 40,000 events.

Momice offers software with which event professionals can streamline all visitor processes and communication: invitations, registration, mailings, interactions, and evaluation for online, live, and hybrid events. Customers who use Momice are guaranteed a uniform standard for their events, valuable insights, more efficiency, and fewer errors.

Momice and the Spotler Group

The collaborations between Momice and other companies within the Spotler Group (Spotler NL and Spotler UK) ensured that the paths of both organizations regularly crossed. The philosophy behind the Momice platform fits within the Spotler Group’s vision of software development, which led to flirtation, exploratory conversations, more intensive collaboration, and ultimately to an acquisition.

Within the Spotler Group, Momice can add even more value and efficiency, and the platform can grow faster (internationally), a dream that is becoming a reality for Rutger Bremer (CEO of Momice): “We started Momice because we want to help as many organisers of business events as possible to make the most out of their events. This next chapter in the Momice book makes it possible for us to do this on a wider scale. Our current customers also benefit from the wide range of data-driven marketing software that Spotler offers them. I can’t wait to integrate our software further with Spotler’s other solutions and take all the events of thousands of Spotler customers to the next level.”

Lee Chadwick, CEO of the Spotler Group: “Thousands of existing Spotler clients currently send their event invitations through our email platforms, and now they can benefit from the help after the email click. Codeless event web page production, delegate management, and e-tickets, to name but a few features, allow us to support our clients in both in-person events and online events beyond just the invitation. The added advantage of seamless integration with Spotler CRM allows the blending of event activities with all other tracked tasks, ultimately leading to much more targeted. Like we keep saying, we are more than just email !”