Who We Help

From sales, marketing and communications teams at household B2C brands to specialist expert B2B vendors, we serve a broad portfolio of clients across 25 different industries across Europe, sending over 15 billion messages.


B2C, Direct to Consumer & eCommerce

Our innovative portfolio enables consumer brands to understand and connect directly with their customers and optimise their experience in the fast-paced world of business to consumer. Our clients engage their audience through scalable, personalised multi-channel communications, optimise revenue through focused eCommerce functionality like product recommendations and basket abandonment, and keep the customer informed with dynamic, personalised transactional emails and SMS messages.

Business to Business (B2B)

Our B2B clients sell complex business solutions to a knowledgeable audience over a longer buying cycle, requiring a sustained, deep engagement. We provide our clients with insight into the people and companies engaging with their website and campaigns, enabling them to get a better return on advertising spend. And then nurture prospective clients to conversion with personalised, helpful content to move them through the journey and finally, provide the marketing team with the essential data and insight to measure success and optimise future campaigns. 


Our agency clients are looking for a solution that quickly solves an immediate need for their clients and allows them to focus on what the client has hired them for; to be creative, provide smart advice and solve their problems. Our products enable agencies to focus on billable activities by being easy to learn and implement, they can maintain client trust with a secure, standards-compliant database, and build creative solutions using innovative functionality and platform flexibility.

Government, Non-Profits and Member Organisations

Not all of our clients have a commercial objective, but an equally important purpose of communicating to citizens, members, donors or the people in their community. These clients need a reliable way to connect with their audience with scalable, personalised email, SMS messaging, and website content and reporting on their audience’s engagement.

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