Customer Data Platform for cross channel personalization

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Who is Squeezely?

Customer Data Platform for cross channel personalization

Squeezely was founded in 2016 with a focus on developing flexible, reliable data infrastructure for marketing teams. The company built a Customer Data Platform that helps marketing teams improve their conversion using cross channel personalization. It’s effective and user friendly approach means that the platform quickly became a popular solution for ecommerce and travel companies, including many Spotler group clients.

In 2021 Squeezely was acquired by the Spotler Group to provide it’s products with a strong CDP core. The Squeezely team is based out of Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

What is Squeezely?

Providing solid fundamentals for ambitious teams

Getting the right marketing data into your preferred marketing tools can be quite a challenge. A challenge that every marketing specialist, company owner and IT department will have encountered many times. Knowing all about this challenge first hand, the Squeezely team continuously builds on their solution: Personalized marketing for all channels, conveniently brought together in one clear platform.

Our aim has always been to help companies in every type of industry with our solution. Therefore, we set out to create a platform that would eliminate high costs, time consuming implementation programs and confusing user interfaces. Squeezely is easily implemented through one of our many plugins and can be expanded to anyone’s liking with our flexible development tools. This convenient approach has been lauded by market leading companies from around the world. Every week, more and more companies are adopting Squeezely’s integrated approach for personalized marketing across all of their channels. This is what we love to do.

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