Rotterdam, May 9, 2023 – At the beginning of February, the three separate companies within the Spotler Group decided to join forces and form one new organisation. Together they are going to operate under the name Spotler.

Three companies within the Spotler Group form one new organisation

The Spotler Group is an internationally operating specialist in data driven marketing technology. The Spotler Group is present in the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and Sweden. Three Dutch companies with a focus on e-mail automation software within this international organization have decided to join forces and operate as 1 organization under the name Spotler.

If you are a customer or partner of Spotler Nederland, Flowmailer or Tripolis, it is good to know that the business integration has no influence on the data, mailings and automations that you have set up in the software of the companies. Nothing changes in that. The various “BVs” (private companies) will also continue to exist (for now and for as long as needed).

What ís going to change is that the organizations will merge and present themselves as one new operational organization under one brand name. That process has been in full swing since February and is being carefully supervised by the new management team of the new organization and will be completed in the coming quarters. Customers, partners and other relations will be gradually informed of new changes resulting from the merger of the organizations.

The management team of the new Spotler organization is formed by Mark van den Berg (Managing Director), Sean Barten (Customer Revenue & Retention Director), Richard van Looijen (R&D Director), Stefan Roelen (Sales Director) and Sven Pribnow (Client Services Directors). The team is assisted by the board of the Spotler Group by Paul Brentjens (CFO) and Ilona Salemink (HR Director).

Spotler focuses on Best of Breed approach Spotler focuses on Best-of-Breed solutions and is not a monolithic or all-in-one system. Spotler customers always have the choice of whether they want to use one or more products. This means that Spotler can always optimally meet the wishes of its customers.

In addition to the further development, sale and delivery of its own software, the new organization will also focus on the sale and delivery of other marketing technology in the Group. For example, Squeezely’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) is already being delivered to customers of the Spotler organization.

By integrating Spotler Nederland, Tripolis and Flowmailer, we will become the largest e-mail automation company of Dutch origin. Larger departments with more specialists who work better with each other ensure better and faster service to customers. And through our focus on seamless integrations between our own products and marketing technology from the Group, we enable our customers to get the most out of their marketing communication. Where we are still very strong in e-mail marketing and e-mail automation software now, we will grow in the coming years into a leading player in the field of supplying marketing technology. It will be an exciting and interesting journey for our employees and our customers and partners.

Mark van den Berg, Managing Director

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Tom Blijleven, Marketing Manager 

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Founded in 2016, the Spotler Group has invested in building and developing a portfolio of leading digital marketing and communications technologies that simplify the complexity of multi-channel marketing, sales and customer service. Brands include Spotler, Tripolis, Squeezely, Pure360, Flowmailer, Sooqr and OBI4wan. Together they serve over 4000 customers across 15 countries, transmitting over 18 billion messages every year, making the Spotler Group a European leader in this expanding marketing technology category. For more information, please see