The respected voice of online business and marketing in the Netherlands, Emerce, has recognised the Spotler Group companies as leaders in the seventeenth edition of the Emerce100.

Emerce is the leading multichannel media platform for online business and marketing in the Dutch market, and they have recently published their respected annual Emerce 100 report, based on independent quantitive research gathered from decision-makers working in online marketing, IT and e-business.

Motivaction, an independent research and consultancy agency, conducted this study, evaluating the entire market across dozens of categories. Each product considered is given a score based on the vendor’s knowledge, price-quality ratio, reliability and flexibility on a 7-point scale.

Spotler Group companies, Spotler, Tripolis, Squeezely and recently acquired OBI4wan performed strongly in their respective categories and in recognition of this, the group as a whole have been ranked highly in the “Bureaugroep” category.

Squeezely took joint top spot in the “Analytics & Optimization software” category with an almost perfect score of 6 stars, Spotler also got the top spot accolade as the leader in the competitive”Email Marketing Software” with an impressive 5.5 stars and OBI4wan are rated as joint second in “Social Software” with 5 stars ahead of some very strong international vendors.

Lee Chadwick, CEO, Spotler Group: “I’m delighted to see such a strong showing for the group in this report, it is especially gratifying as it is judged by the professionals we design our products for to make them succcessful.”

You can read more on the Spotler website (in Dutch), and the full report, rankings, the methodology used, and the research are detailed in the Emerce 100 special edition (in Dutch).

About Spotler Group

Founded in 2016 on the principles of connecting companies with their customers through innovative digital marketing and communications technologies, the fast-growing Spotler Group has invested in building and developing a portfolio of leading technologies and expertise. Helping thousands of marketers at over 3,000 companies, all transmitting over 15 billion messages every year, Rotterdam based Spotler Group is emerging as a European leader in this expanding marketing technology category.