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Who is Spotler UK?

AI Powered Marketing Automation and Leadgen 

In 2018 Spotler Group acquired UK B2B Marketing automation specialist CommuniGator Ltd. Now renamed as Spotler UK, it continues to go from strength to strength and its recent re-location to new UK headquarters offers a great platform for future expansions.

With over 500 direct UK client organisations using its technologies daily and many more partner lead customers also connected the UK currently generates over half a billion annual out bound email messages. These email messages are further augmented by our integral Social media platform giving clients true omni channel capability.

With most campaign calls to actions leading to web site visitors our GatorLeads product sits at the heart of our automation suite. By following post click and first visit actions we can build a clear and comprehensive view of the lead generation process. Spotler UK has a strong reputation for its educational content delivered in both the written and verbal format. With over 200 free of charge seminars and webinars a year we have the ear of the marketer. The climax of this learning programm is our annual user conference GatorCon.

What do we do?

More marketing in less time

Our goal is to create software that allows you to be successful in your marketing communications.

We build innovations and advanced functionality that allows marketing and sales professionals to take their marketing automation and lead generation to the next level. In other words: functionality that can be applied in an accessible manner with measurable outcomes.

That is why we do not just add all kinds of functions, but we consciously choose to only develop frequently requested and frequently used functions – all voted by our customers. Ultimately, it’s all about you getting results quickly and leaving more time for other marketing activities.

See our main used cases and why marketers and sales professionals use Spotler UK:

Purchased data
Buy data, send emails, get leads!

Paid ad campaigns
Same ad spend.
More leads!

Marketing teams
What’s in it for the marketing team?


Why should the sales team care?

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