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Who is Measuremail?

Full-service email agency since 2000

Measuremail has been a well-known name within the email market since 2000. Measuremail is a full-service email agency that develops successful email marketing automation software: Spike. In addition, Measuremail helps organizations in deploying their email marketing automation as effectively as possible. Measuremail is based in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The Spotler Group bought Measuremail and added the company to the Spotler Group in 2020.

What does Measuremail do?

Email Marketing Automation Platform Spike

Measuremail developed the email marketing and marketing automation platform Spike. With Spike organizations can communicate in a personal and relevant way with their subscribers. Measuremail is an expert for companies and institutions that want their email communication to be professional, safe and high-quality. They deliver solutions and offer services to implement and organize outgoing email in a targeted, efficient, responsible and safe manner. With short lines of communication, a service-oriented approach, advanced technology and common sense, Measuremail takes care of the design of emails and automation processes for their customers. Measuremail is an ISO 270001 certified company.

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